Hyperbolic Tower

This grasshopper definition is to create a Hyperbolic tower with helix partition. There are two features in this definition, first one is to use ‘function’ component to create geometry. The concept is explained in the image above. Basically, there are doughnut like floors through the whole tower, each has the same area. This was enabled […]

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Diagrid facade

This post is about how to create diagrid on a surface by exploiting tree structure. The tutorial shows how to turn ‘tree data structure’ into a ‘single list’ by ‘flattening’ and ‘restructuring’ it into s tree structure with lists of ‘four points’. This process enables us to use ‘list item component’ to connect two corner […]

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Parametric truss + Distance, Series

This post is about how to exploit the ‘offset distance value’ of “parametric truss” by employing “distance” and “series”. Ghx file download will be available from  next week. Parametric Truss + Distance Parametric Truss + Distance in Rhino I hope you can see the highlighted points on the top left and bottom right corner. The […]

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Parametric Truss

Parametric Truss in Rhinoceros Parametric Truss in Grasshopper Link to Parametric Truss Tutorial Well, actually, there is no thickness of the truss in the tutorial, but I wanted mine to have some thickness. So I extruded each surface according to each normal vector, but the end result didn’t seem like what I wanted. One side […]

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