Comparing Single list and multiple lists(tree structure)

Comparing Single list and multiple lists(tree structure)
Difference between a single data list and multiple data lists in a single parameter(tree structure)

Data list
Say we want to draw lines between the points on each curve.
When the points on each line are in a single list, it becomes one single list as the two data lines (two single lists) go into one ‘V’ertices input.
So the pline components creats a pline accordingly.

Data list

When we graft the list from each line, it kind of breaks the single list into multiple lists.
(or say change the direction of data. This is not exact explanation, but still helps you understand intuitively)
In this specific case, there are lists of  ‘one point’ in a single parameter.
That’s why the pline component creates a line between points from each curve.

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