Grasshopper used for Simulaltion

4 thoughts on “Grasshopper used for Simulaltion

  1. Wow.;;; You wanted to show us this video yesterday…
    It’s cool.. It seems this building’s windows have flexible transparency with many factors..right??
    Grasshopper really can be used to build simulation like this.
    It’s interesting but it’s true that GH’s very difficult plug-in…

    1. yest this is what I wanted to show you guys yesterday. They change the transparency and the angle of panels according to the sun and human behavior. If you go to their website, you can find ‘rendered’ movie of how things would actually look like if it was built…
      Designing is a important thing in architecture, that’s true but now it is time to question if the conventional way is always right and why school teach us only how to talk.
      now we are only about mastering program, but we should keep that in mind that conquering a program is what everybody can do. How to play with it is a different matter. and once we know how to use it properly, we can expend our mind.
      That’s why I made this study group. 🙂
      I hope we can talk about other things later on.

      1. The way I see, you are.
        Just think the other way around. We don’t have to be better than others but just different from others.
        Let say you actually learn coding and welding skills to build such a panel system, than you become different and that’s your excellency. excellency comes from difference not being just better.

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