Parametric Truss

Parametric Truss in Rhinoceros

File:DigitizeMe 002 01 parametric truss.jpg

Parametric Truss in Grasshopper
File:DigitizeMe 002 02 parametric truss grasshopper.jpg

Link to Parametric Truss Tutorial

Well, actually, there is no thickness of the truss in the tutorial, but I wanted mine to have some thickness.
So I extruded each surface according to each normal vector, but the end result didn’t seem like what I wanted.
One side of the truss was broken or overlapped in mine because of different extrusion directions.
To prevent this from happening, there is a way to take only one vector for every piece of truss,
but the result won’t be what we want when we actually need to build it.

I guess there is a way to solve this problem by scripting stuff, but I am not there yet…

2 thoughts on “Parametric Truss

  1. hahaha…last study was very interesting…
    You left the first comment to me!!
    So I visit your blog…but….your blog is made in English;;;
    Anyway…I’ll visit your blog off and on…^^

    1. haha I am just trying to run it in English so that I can “communicate with the world” -_-;; Now there are only what we have covered from the study group, but I will upload my own stuff too.

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